Groovesizer Multiboard

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(1) Gently used Groovesizer MB.

Awesome little sequencer for use with any synth using the 5 pin midi out.

Works great with the Korg volca series!

Easy to re-flash the chip and turn it into a completely different tool for the studio

Item powers up and all buttons and functions work correctly

9v power adapter not included.


-Details from the Groovesizer website.

The Groovesizer MB (for multiboard) is a DIY 8-bit audio platform. It’s a musical chameleon that can take on a number of different roles from sequencer to synth, drum machine, or midi controller. Exactly what the Groovesizer MB is at a given moment depends on the firmware it’s running. Existing firmware can be freely hacked, or new firmware developed using the beginner friendly Arduino IDE. Firmware is loaded to the board directly from the Arduino IDE, either via an AVR ISP programmer, or by flashing the Atmega chip on an Arduino board and swapping it out.