Audio Extractor 3.5mm edition AE-01

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Ever wanted to take just the audio from a Pocket Operator, route it into a FX pedal or to a mixer, while still keeping the sync signal intact? Then be able to take the output of your FX pedal and inject it back into the next PO? Or maybe just use the line in of the adapter to record a separate audio device into the KO or Speak PO’s while keeping the incoming sync connection? too.


  •  3.5mm JACKS for audio input and output
  • (2) 5 inch right angle 3.5mm plugs transfer audio and sync between the Pocket Operators.
  • Sync signal connection is always active regardless of input or outputs used.
  • Audio passes thru to the next PO when nothing is plugged into the output or input jacks, as if using a standard TRS cable.
  • Input and Output jacks transmit audio only by way of a TS connection (tip/sleeve). TRS cables may be used, but only one channel (left or right) will work.
  • Sold and manufactured by hand exclusively at Dich Studios.