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I present to you, the Dich Studios Edition of Rasteri's SC1000 scratch instrument. 



  • Anodized aluminum housing
  • Solid aluminum platter
  • OLED display
  • Encoder and Sanwa arcade button for cue and track selection
  • Mini Innofader Pro Crossfader
  • Chroma cap encoder knob and fader Cap (v2 hard plastic)

Optimized code with new features added:

  • Increased platter resolution.
  • Added visual track selection for the beats and samples.
  • Cue point for sample track 
  • Pitch control for both beats and samples.
  • Simplified waveform display for sample track.
  • Crossfader options. Double cut, left or right hand cut. 
  • Open source software available after the units start shipping out.

Fully assembled and tested.

Package Includes:

(1) DS SC1000 scratch instrument
(1) USB drive containing a selection of beats and scratch samples to get started. 


Pre-orders are accepted 4/12/19 to 4/19/19 for this first round. End date may be cut short if the volume of orders gets too high (50+ sold).
Please allow 2-4 weeks before the item ships. I am only a one man shop, assembling these all by hand, along with fulfilling my other non SC1000 orders. 
Basically, Please have patience if some sort of delay happens (parts are delayed etc.) Customers will be notified by email if a delay happens. Orders will be completed in the order they are received.

International (outside the United Sates) customers are responsible for any and all Taxes/Duties/Customs charges. 

More Information about Rasteri and the SC1000 can be found HERE:

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