PO Arcade User Guide

This Guide will instruct you on how to use the new features that the DS PO Arcade Case brings to the Pocket Operators.

*this guide will be constantly updated this weekend 12/8 - 12/10 with videos demonstrating each function, stay tuned!


Below is the basic control layout and its function. 

BPM INPUT, QUANTIZE SETTING, RESET, and TRIPLET modes only function when SHIFT is held down. Otherwise the 16 arcade buttons emulate the PO's 16 note buttons.

 The Basics:

 BEAT REPEAT - This is the bread and butter of the entire mod. When you press and hold one or more of the 16 arcade note buttons and then hold down the BEAT REPEAT button, the sound/sample will repeat at the default 120 beats per minute(BPM). When used in conjunction with the RATE ADJUSTMENT KNOB, you can increase the rate/speed manually by turning it to the right, or by increasing quantized multipliers when turned to the left.

BEAT REPEAT HOLD - This button is very useful when you want to keep the BEAT REPEAT function active without having to keep the button pressed. Simply press it down, the indicator light will shine showing you that BEAT REPEAT is now active. Press again to disable BEAT REPEAT.

BPM INPUT - The Default BPM is 120 (same as disco mode on the PO). You can enter in any custom BPM in the 40-450 range by holding down shift and typing in the value you want. 

For example: if you want the BEAT REPEAT to play at 60 BPM, you would:

Hold SHIFT, then press 6 and then 0. = 60 BPM

Experiment with different BPMs while the PO is playing for interesting rhythm variations.

TRIPLETS - Hold shift and press this button to activate triplets.


QUANTIZE SETTINGS - One of the best features of this case mod. These settings allow you to play a temporary pattern using up to 8 different notes, using one instance of each note during the loop length. 

Below is an example of how it works with different quantized note divisions. Think of each button A thru H as separate note/samples, ie: A= Kick, B=Snare C=Hi Hat etc. 



 To use this feature you simply press and hold SHIFT, then press the quantize setting you prefer. At this point you no longer have to hold anything, it's set to the note division you chose and whichever samples/notes entered will be moved to the nearest note automatically. This is pretty helpful when you finger drumming skills aren't that great yet.

For example: I chose 1/2 notes here, but hit the "B" button too early, quantize corrected it.

LOCKING A PATTERN - Useful for freeing up your hands while performing a loop. Hold down a series of notes for a loop, then press the shift button. This will hold the buttons in the pressed position. you are now free to move your hand away.