PO Wedge Assembly Guide


Verify you have all the parts.


take note of the markings on side panels, the small arrows indicate the inside of each side panel. A = Left side, B = Right side


Peel the protective film.

now put the two B side panels together. notice the slight taper, if it's pointed in the middle you did it right.

grab 4 of the 8 short screws.

insert and gently tighten them into the 4 threaded holes as shown.

Don't over tighten them!

take the center support and insert it into the rectangle hole on the inside side of the side panel.

this is just showing how the silver nut and the screw will work to hold the side (not shown) in place.

pay attention to the small rounded scoop on the ends of the middle support. These face the back of the PO wedge. They are there to provide access to the batteries.

gently tighten them down, it should feel snug enough that the side panels won't wiggle around.

Insert your PO Case into the two slots in the side panel.

will be flush with the side panel if done correctly.

now do the same for the other side.

you may need to hold the silver nut in place with your finger while tightening.

Add the rubber feet to the bottom of the side panels...

and enjoy!


Please contact me if you need further assistance.