Kalimba Kaster

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Combining the beauty of a electric guitar with the simplicity of a kalimba. This new breed of the kalimba is easy for anyone to just pick up and play. Simple controls such as the gain knob on the back make it effortless to alter effects mid song. So go ahead and break out your guitar pedals and other assorted effects, plug into your favorite guitar amp and rock out for hours on end!


-Matte Black paint job with black “pick guard” and control plate.
-Solid wood body construction.
-Contoured body shape for a comfortable grip.
-Solid steel bridge for maximum sustain.
-9 tuned spring steel tines (notes)
-Full shielding inside to minimize pickup noise.
-Genuine single coil guitar pickup with staggered pole pieces to boost the low end frequency.
-quarter inch input jack for standard guitar cable hookup.
-Size: 7″ x 4.5″ x 2.5″