Scoutpro h3 housing

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1 scoutpro h3 housing

1 modified extension (2 holes drilled for extension cable access) see photo

1 bag of screws


Like all Underwater camera gear,

Buyer will be responsible for proper testing of unit before submerging with camera to verify a proper seal has been made. Seller is not held responsible for any damage caused by improper testing or use.


Description from the makers website:


The ScoutPro H3 is a professional grade underwater housing for GoPro Hero3, Hero3+ and Hero4.


ScoutPro H3 features are:


Carved out of a solid block of 6061 Aircraft Aluminum, for the toughest environments.

Certified to a depth of 5,000 ft (1.500m, 152 ATM, 154 BAR), or 2,300 PSI (157 Kg/cm2).

Fully anodized. High resistance against the corrosive effect of saltwater.

Two mounting points. For maximum flexibility in choosing your video camera's field of view.

Deep enough for a secondary battery or an optional GoPro LCD display or the GoPro WiFi Backpack.

Bulletproof (smaller caliber) and bombproof  (see pic/testimonial)

Weight: 1 lb 1 oz (497 gr).

Length 3" 1/8 (8.3cm), Width 2" 3/8 (6.4cm), Height 2" 1/8 (5.4cm)

Marginal cropping on "Wide" video setting

Well Made in Florida, USA

The ScoutPro H3 is the original extreme depth camera housing for GoPro. Super cost-effective and durable, ScoutPros have been on major expeditions worldwide. Simple to use and deploy, the ScoutPro has helped many professionals in various industries.  Scientists have recorded never-seen-before footage, from animal behavior to underwater geological events. Film makers have been able to shoot very unique scenes. Various engineers now have a better understanding of what they are working on. Fishermen can now see what is below them, so do marine archeologists. Most of all, everyday people are discovering a whole new world.