Soundmachines NS1nanosynth

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Limited Stock available of these hard to find synths.


(1) NEW Soundmachines NS1nanosynth

(1) USB cable

(1) Bundle of assorted jumper cables

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Product description from manufacturer's website: 

We at soundmachines thought about a simple and cheap platform that will transport the main characteristic of a modular analog synthesizer in a small and friendly format, to be well recognised by musicians,  makers and tinkerers worldwide. A small, but  loyal to its roots, instruments of sound creation. With a digital platform added as a bonus.

The soundmachines NS1nanosynth is born.

Let’s talk now about dimensions. Because size does matter. Absolutely. We created something that you can extract from your bag, or a big pocket, and start patching, manipulating and definitely and positively playing. On the train? On a plane back home? At your sister’s wedding? Maybe, after all, also on a stage.

The entire platform, that is a complete, albeit simple, analog modular synthesizer, is the same height and a little wider than ONE standard 5U synthesizer module. One single module. But on board the soundmachines nanomodular you have a saw core thermally stabilized v/oct VCO, a 12db lowpass and bandpass VCF, two LFOs, one loopable ADSR envelope, a standard VCA, two twistable attenuators, two pot controllers and a plethora (more than a dozen!) of  “micro” modules like mixers, multiples, sample and hold, sum/sub blocks, inverters, logic or, and, nand, analog dividers, clock dividers, fixed voltage generators and several ‘sensor blocks’.