PO CASE Assembly Guide

Quick Assembly guide for the PO Case:

Make sure you have all the parts.

Peel the protective film from all acrylic parts.

Layout the top and middle layer as shown below. Insert 2 screws to act as a guide.

Place the middle layer on top.

Lightly thread the silver stand offs onto the screws. Do this for all four screw/stand offs. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN, Leave loose for now

Your favorite part..... Grab some super glue, any brand will do.

The button halves are attached to the blue tape to protect the good side of the buttons during transit. The white circle/write button is the exception here, it is face up so it doesn't get mixed with the others. Take note I do include 7 extra button assemblies to practice on or to use as spare parts.

If you look closely you will see a small taper to each half. This taper points to the top of each half.

Apply a small amount of glue to the bottom of one of the black buttons. Then center it on top of the frosted button half.

Read that part again........no joke, that part is vital. small, small, small...

*PRO-TIP* To prevent hazing from the super glue as it drys, use a small fan blowing on the freshly glued buttons. this removes the "off gases"/fumes from ruining your plastic parts.

*SUPER PRO-TIP*  Do Not attempt to use the acrylic layers as a jig or guide for gluing the buttons. You will ruin the body of your PO Case with the glue fumes.

*BIGGEST MOST EPIC PRO-TIP*  Wipe your fingers off on rag after each button, and let the set dry completely before putting into the case. 

You will come across another unfilled circle button. This is an extra in case you want to customize your case to match to your favorite Pocket Operator. just take a crayon or some paint and fill in the engraved area....look at you getting all fancy!

Put the glued buttons off to the side to dry, go grab a drink, sit back and watch a few Pocket Operator Videos.


Moving on. 

Looking closely you'll see several buttons have a small "nub" on the frosted layer. These are to be placed where ever you find a button with an LED. start by arranging the buttons as they would go into the case.

now place them in the correct spots.

Almost done....

Take your Pocket Operator and remove the kick stand. Then place it face down into the case.

adjust the stand offs so they are flush with the edges of the PO.

Gather the remaining parts. Take the small support bridge (upside down U looking thing) and insert it into the 2 rectangle holes on the bottom layer. 

Carefully flip it over onto the back of the PO as shown below.

Insert the screws. Do not fully tighten them yet, leave a little loose for now.

check to make sure the PO is sitting centered within the housing, then gently tighten down all 8 screws. Snug is all you need, do not over tighten the screws or you will crack the case. I find these little 5/64th or t8 hex bits work nice to turn the screws.

Add the 4 rubber feet.

Admire your new case...... Nicely done! 

Hey, what about that mic? No worries, there is an air gap that allows the mic to work as normal.