DS MicroMix 4 REV.2 Frost Series

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DS MicroMix 4 REV.2 Frost Series

This is a limited color run of mixers for my new Frost Series, Enjoy!


4 Channel passive mixer design with individual volume control and mute switch per input, built for the Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators, but can also be used for other synths or as a passive eurorack mixer.

  • (4)  3.5mm Mono audio inputs with a jumper underneath to select ring or tip as the sound source.
  • Channel 1 also extracts the sync signal from a pocket operator and routes it to a separate sync out jack for connection to other PO's or compatible hardware/splitter
  • (1)  3.5mm Dual mono output TRS or Mono TS output selected by a switch up top.
  • Super Portable!

*Please note that because this mixer is not powered (passive), some sort of amplified speaker will be required to hear the mixed output. Uses standard 3.5mm stereo cables for all inputs and output. Internal wiring complies with the Pocket Operators TRS cable configuration ie: tip = sync, ring = audio, sleeve = ground.